Before Next Year

    There's something really great about September, isn't there? New school starting up, fresh fitness, church, volunteer and other programs all kicking off again after a summer of r&r and a different pace. It's soooooo motivating!

    Or perhaps it isn't for you.

    Maybe it's because there's something bugging you about ...well, YOU, and where you're at in life. Perhaps there's something you're pretending not to know. But because you DO know, it bugs you and won't leave you alone.

    You'd do well to face it here and now.

    Just for a minute, allow it to surface. Is there a health or fitness goal you had when the year began? Or is there something spiritually, financially or in your relationships you knew on Jan. 1st had to change, and you still know it now?

    We all have something like this. What is it for you? Define it. Spend a minute with the uncomfortable feelings of incomplete and unfinished personal business. Don't gloss over it, get busy, and keep running. Stop a minute.

    Now that you're feeling it, here's the good news:

    You have time to make significant strides in the direction you know you need to go before this year is done. You can seize 2018 before it's before it seizes you. Come Jan. 2018 don't be immobilized because "it" still hasn't changed. You can still make this the year that everything changes in that area of your life God has His finger on. Decide in your heart to do it before your neglect of it changes everything for you.

    Think about it. Experience bears true that it takes "90 days to make a change", and you have that, and more. So,

    1. Why not get help in knowing what to do? Why not humble yourself and get surrounded with some wise counsel? Proverbs 24:6
    2. Why not develop some prayers and declarations around it? The Word of God can change anything. Ephesians 6:13-18
    3. Why not begin take some decisive action? God is with you. You can do it! Proverbs 21:31


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