Before December is Over

    December is upon us and as you know society can start getting a little hyped up over surface things. There's a kind of pressured, craziness that overwhelms what December could better be about ...and its sucks us in if we're not careful.

    Now a "culture" is made up of 1000+ intangibles that work together to create a certain feeling, a direction and an experience. It's derived from what you believe / what you do / how you act. To be intentional about creating the right culture is a huge key to having the kind of experience you want or to establishing the kind of place you cherish and are proud of. 

    What if you (and your home) could develop a your own "culture" this Christmas instead of being influenced by the world's? One that shines a light to the world wherever you go? Without some intention with this we just end up going with the flow - and I think we can do better than that!

    So, lets stop for a minute, here at the entrance to the month of parties, family visiting and Christmas trees and decide how we'd like to come out the other end! Decide what you believe and therefore how you will act in order to best appreciate the meaning, wonder and warmth of the season.  Some ideas:

    1. We determine to place celebration of Jesus coming to earth at the center of this season

    2. We value giving and serving more than receiving and special treatment

    3. We honor each other in practical ways by putting their concerns / needs / hopes and dreams ahead of our own

    4. We unhook and rest from business as usual in order to be 100% present with the people around us

    5. We take Jesus wherever we go, lighting up the world with His righteousness, peace and joy

    Print off in nice font.
    Go over with family.
    Place on fridge.


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