We're in a series of posts regarding how we can choose to reflect the peace and joy of the Christmas season to those around us. Think of the opposite - depression and stress - that's no way to be is it?

    We've looked at heart choices here. And time choices here. Now we consider the #1 thing we can do to switch things up for the better: 

    It's what we choose to say.

    That's right: those verbal parcels that come out of our mouths all day long. The Bible says that they're never empty but rather that death and life themselves are in the power of what we say ...whether we're aware of it or not! It says that what we say literally steers the direction of our lives, and how inadvertently those words become holders of the blessing and the curse for us and for those around us. 

    This is instantly sobering, but also exhilarating - We can determine what we say!

    It's the number one choice that can fill each moment with peace and joy or depression and stress.

    It's the number one way to turn any moment around and make it one to cherish.

    It's the number one determinant as to how we experience these holidays ahead, and others experience us.

    ...And it's in our power to choose our words and Jesus helps us with this time and again - He's so patient!

    Some pointers for choosing the right words:

    • Be filled ahead of time with a heart that's connected to God and ready to speak life
    • Then go ahead and give life away - in what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to
    • Use words to turn a situation - fill your words with faith and hope and trust and deposit them in key places
    • Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your words with peace and joy and to let them have a supernatural effect. He loves this prayer!
    • Ask the Holy Spirit to stop you in mid-sentence if necessary and to help you with what you're saying
    • Agree in principle to only say those things that are true from Heaven's perspective. Of course, meet people where they're at, but with your words, as you have opportunity, influence them towards a better place
    • Keep a really short account between you and God with this. If you realize you've not said something well, turn to God and ask Him to help you with this - invite Him right into that place you feel you've slipped. He's so gracious and is teaching and training us to walk in step with Him in all things
    • Anticipate those situations that you know are going to come up in which you may struggle with how to "bring life" with what you say. Decide now how to respond, to be gracious, to bring what Jesus would bring

    This holiday season, blessing or cursing? Peace or stress? Joy or depression? It's up to us!


    Tomorrow I'll be posting specific how-to's for making these choices a habit.
     For now, spend some time building your faith that inside you is all the power you need. Meditate on this. Let Holy Spirit speak to you more about it and how to apply it.

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