Let's look at choices we can make regarding our time these holidays.

    (We're doing so in a series of posts underlining 3 sets of choices. We started with a look at Heart Choices, here.)

    When it comes to our time culture isn't our friend, especially this time of year! If we were to go with the flow, we would end up fragmented in our purpose, rushed, and exhausted. My guess is that we've all been there too often. It's time to draw your own lines. Open up a your calendar and let's look at some choices around our time for the holidays.

    Warning: these choices may cause some friction - but they're worth every bit of heat!

    1. Choose to spend some extra personal time with Jesus. Pick one or two days a week for each week in December and carve out an hour to spend talking with God, journaling what you feel He's saying to you and speaking some words of faith over your life. ....Husbands and wives make plans to give each other some time for this away from the kids and demands of life. This is a great way to serve each other - give them time!

    Oh, and if you have family coming over for some special times, in all your cleaning up and prep, don't neglect nurturing your connection with God - it's the most important prep of all!

    Looking for a place to start your conversation with God? Start with this prayer here. Take out a calendar and select a few times when you'll be doing this. 

    2. Choose to spend some time serving / giving / volunteering. Take an afternoon or an evening for this. It's a fantastic way to get in the mode of gratitude and graciousness. Find a way, a place, a cause and spend some time, money, energy, blessing someone else. This is almost guaranteed to surface positive emotions and great clarity regarding the spirit of what Christmas is all about. It's being Jesus-with-skin-on towards someone else. Do it together as a family or join with a friend for maximum impact. 

    3. Choose to connect meaningfully with those around you. Block out time for nuclear family activity that will leave you feeling bonded.  Husbands and wives - find that date time each week to reconnect and merge your hearts again. Find it on your calendar now and circle the times planned. Single? Find family, church family, friends to connect with deeply and often to feed that part of you that needs connection. If we don't set this time, protect it and make it happen, no-one else will do this for us. Say no to things that threaten this time you've set aside.

    Imagine this: On the other side of Christmas and New Years, when the rush and flurry of the season is over, you sitting there with a smile on your face for the times you developed that you can now sit back and cherish. Imagine! Now take out that calendar and lets do the choosing up front to make it happen :-)

    Check out this verse about "time"


    Later this week, I'll be posting specific how-to's for making these choices a habit. For now, spend some time building your faith that inside you is all the power you need. Meditate on this. Let Holy Spirit speak to you more about it and how to apply it.

    Up next: Word Choices 

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