If anyone is in a place to be able to reflect peace and joy during the Christmas holidays you would think it would be those of us who follow Jesus (the source of peace and joy!) the rest of the year.

    And yet the holidays can bring us to a place of over-whelm pretty easily what with family, shopping, extra calendar events, etc. - all on top of an already loaded schedule.  Each of us are all too familiar with the too-full schedule, too-short nerves, too-little resources, and too-much-to-do dynamics of the holidays! 

    I say, this year, let's do it differently! Here's how. I want to underline three sets choices that'll put us on the right track towards a holiday experience that reflects the One whom it's all about.

    First up are "Heart choices": Jesus taught that it's what flows from the inside of a person that's of paramount importance. He was pointing to the deep place inside us from which the rest of life is lived. For the believer in Jesus, this core-self is full of His Spirit - which means there, inside us, are all the peace and joy we could ever need! Our decision to let that life flow from within us changes everything.

    Funny how elusive this is though, right? It's easy to stay "surface", especially when we have so many demands on us and when we're juggling the pulls and pushes of the holiday season. However, as believers in Jesus we get to pause and dip down into the reservoir that's inside us to access what's there by His Spirit.


    • On the surface you may not understand how in the world to keep up with the demands all around you // Yet deep inside you have access to the "peace which passes all understanding"

    • On the surface you may be hosting some family that pushes all the wrong buttons in you! // Yet deep down you can access the peace of God which allows you to helicopter above the tensions, tricky emotions or hurts that family and friends sometimes bring

    • On the surface you may be disappointed with the year-past or your current realities // Yet deep down you can access the "joy that's in His Presence" to be genuinely happy and delighted in the life you're living here on earth

    All easier said than done, you're thinking?! As a believer you and I have the ability to operate from a place deep inside our hearts that Jesus has filled with His life. Not a theoretical ability but the potential to increase in how we do it. It's a learning curve.  

    Later this week, I'll be posting specific how-to's for making these choices a habit. For now, spend some time building your faith that inside you is all the power you need. Meditate on this. Let Holy Spirit speak to you more about it and how to apply it.

    Up next: Time Choices 


    On Thursday, December 8, 2016, said:

    I really want to try the new approach this Christmas.


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