So there you are in the gym of your life and you don't even know how you got there. Your opponents circle you and the challenges of this life-sphere seem insurmountable. You think you might go down. This could get ugly. 

    Welcome to basic training.

    Yes, this is YourLife101. It's mandatory development and high-intensity training for the next level. But don't fear, Jesus is the coach and trainer and He's right on floor-level with you telling you exactly what to do.

    No wait, He's not telling, He's showing.

    Huh? What's going on? More than showing you, as you learn from Him He's handing you His very own weapons. Wait, there's more! How is this happening that as you relax and trust He's actually swinging at the enemy for you? Or is that you? I can't tell!

    This is fun! ...Now He's showing you His movements can be yours - His ways are shaping you, you're looking just like Him - you can't even tell in this battle where you end and He begins! Or what's Him and what's you! You're becoming more like Him, as one with Him in His Victory as you rise above your circumstances and show the world His ways....Now Heaven is declaring over you: 

    Well Done! You've won!

    Now hit the lockers. Shower. Refresh. Regroup.

    Next week starts soon.  

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