Back at It! Part Two

    In all the options and uncertainty that there might be surrounding you in your life where you're at right now, one thing is certain. It's the second of three (the first is here) guidelines for building a great perspective on the rest of the year.  Here it is, this much is clear:

    2. God has given you the ability to do what He's put in front of you - Try it!

    News flash: You're on a path that God has designed for you and YOU CAN DO IT! If we still our hearts to hear God's voice what He wants us to do next comes through - and it's that project, that step of obedience, that person He wants us to pray for, that change of heart towards someone, that He's uniquely anointed us to do.

    That is, His power will back you up doing what He has asked of you.

    I think we actually make things harder for ourselves when we side-step what He wants to do something easier or more convenient. But in His grace He brings us back to what He put in front of us. Is it time just to try what you're pretty sure He wants? To try that thing again? ...Just try it!

    When you lift your hand to do what He's called you to do in this moment the mighty power of God fills you to accomplish the task! So, get quiet. Ask Him what's the next step for you. Then act with confidence. You'll see His power at work, He promises it.

    Ephesians 2:10; 2 Peter 1:3

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