Back at It! Part Three

    So much of what we do we've done for a while and, if we're not careful, we can end up in a rut. Ditches we dig and live in because we're doing the same thing over and over without any change in effect or fruitfulness.

    Some ruts:

    • The route you take / what you listen to on the way to work
    • Your method of getting things done
    • The way you run your finances
    • Our marriage relationships or close friendships
    • The way we spend recreational time

    The truth is, if we make seemingly small changes in the "how" of the things we routinely do, say, or believe, tremendous changes can occur, giving new color to any season. So, this fall consider a new habit or two along with the 1st and 2nd perspective builders in prior posts. Consider this:

    3. God has given you unique strategies - Tweak it! 

    Some Tweaks:

    • Listen to this on the way to work! And take a different route!
    • Try a new productivity app, or system of productivity - make it fun. Here's one I liked
    • Go through this material to find great financial tweaks
    • Married? Check this resource out for some great relationship tweaks 
    • Plan your recreational time so you make the best of it - do something different, with a friend or another family

    In all of this, and other areas you may explore, you're looking for those God-strategies for you and/or your family. Those 1-3 things you'll look back on and say, I think that was a God-idea at just the perfect time. Go make some changes and switch things up over the next few months. God wants to give you new strategies, and you'll be glad you went there :-) 

    Church - wherever the rest of this year takes us, in all things: Romans 15:13!

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