Back at It! Part One

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    Who knows what the rest of the year holds?

    Life is largely unpredictable and often the very things we plan for end up not even in reach. So is the conclusion then just to live and let be? Just ride the wave of whatever happens? Just to get busy and see where it takes you?

    No way! Here's how to think about the rest of your year:

    1. God has given you glimpses into your future - Trust them! The fullness of what God wants with our lives is better than we can even imagine, however God has revealed things to us for us to go on. Get quiet before God and ask Him what He's revealing to you about your future. That dream, that hope, that picture will surface again.

    Did he put that there in your heart to torment you? To show you a dream He didn't intend to fulfill? Of course not! Can't see how it could happen or how He could use you like that? Can't see your way from here to there? This is where trust comes in. Let's choose it and base our outlook upon it. 

    Friends, no matter how much life has sapped courage or hope out of you, trust God that what He has shown you He will accomplish and you'll be restored with the joy of confidence that comes from Him once again!

    1 Cor. 2:9-10


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