Who's excited about the brand new year ahead? I'm sure you have things you'd like to see different. Some hopes and dreams for the new year. Perhaps some New Years Resolutions your working on?

    Well, the Bible teaches that the way your life goes flows from what's in your heart. Interesting because if you contemplate this, our thinking is typically counter to it. We'd more likely say that we are who we are because of the circumstances we're born and raised in, our education, things that have happened to us, our cultural surroundings, etc. etc. Our frustration at situations and circumstances, people that don't cooperate with things we want, and that sense of good and bad luck - these all prove that we think this way!

    Perhaps it's time for a reality check!

    If the Word of God says something different than what we think, let's take a moment to adjust our thinking. With this truth, of where the issues of our life originate, this means we adjust what we're pointing to by way of explanation or excuse, and shift the focus to what's on the inside of our hearts. 

    In this manner, the circumstances we face, and the challenges and difficulties with people we encounter become issues of prayer instead of blame. Issues we seek God's will regarding, rather than issues of guilt. Issues we take a step back from and consider what is in us as a cause, rather than a fruitless pointing of the finger with nothing changing.

    So commit to do just that. Take a step back, and ask Holy Spirit a question or two about some areas of life you'd like to see change in this year:

    • Are you in debt? Ask the Lord why? What is in me that's producing that reality?
    • Are you alone, or finding difficulty repeatedly in building relationships? Why? What's up with that? What are you afraid of?
    • Are you frustrated with something or someone? How would Jesus look at it if He were you? If you were to be honest, what's really bugging you?
    • Do you have a negative habit you haven't been able to break? What's really the deal here? Why would you give your power knowingly to something else?
    • Are you stuck in life? Kind of at a dead end in career / life in general? How come? What internal belief creates that reality for you?

    Could it be that what's inside us, deep in our thinking, actually drives far more of our day-to-day reality than we've ever thought?

    This points your finger towards YOU, instead of others, which, if you let it, could be discouraging (haha, knew it! More to work on!) ...or, and please think about this carefully: with you and Jesus working together, it could be absolutely transformational! 

    This is the key that'll trump all your New Years Resolutions! To 2018 and beyond!


    Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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