In our faith, finances, family, careers, influence - all areas of life - God promises to lead us to reflect more and more of Christ 

    This means, as we follow Him we get to live on increasing levels of success, favor and the abundance that He brings. Some have said, in whatever area of life He's taking us from survival, to stability, to success, and then to significance. 

    So, perhaps what you're experiencing is indeed a new level, and if so, here are some things to keep in mind:

    #1. It's Yours! Enjoy it, relax in it, own it. It's becoming a part of who you are, a chapter in your story. So let it feel like a "new you", and don't fear regression back to a previous point. The enemy would love to steal the joy of a new place by causing you to stress in it. But remember, God is into completing that which He started - He's got an agenda with you, and you're on track!

    #2. The Biggest Challenges will be Internal. Yup - you've perhaps arrived at a promotion, a new opportunity, a door that God's opened for you, and now comes the "renewing of the mind" part. This will be a work of Christ in you up close and personal. People will see you on a new level and assume you're ready to roll, but inside you'll be dealing with the learning curve of living up to what God's handed you. Remember - YOU CAN DO IT (otherwise He wouldn't have gotten you here!)

    Note to self: Ultimately, remaining and succeeding on this level hinges on what's being developed on the inside of you, not the circumstances around you. So lean into the coaching of the Spirit of God inside you. Trust Him. Yield.

    #3. It's Preparing you for the Next Level! Know God enough to know this: where you're at and what you're going through is preparing you for what's ahead. Just when you feel you've landed and settled, or arrived and set up shop nicely, God will begin initiating the next level for you! I think it's because He loves the faith that's required by you and I being out of our comfort zones more than He does the comforts He Himself provides! Lovers of God, get used to that and make their primary comfort, Him. Selah!

    Photo by Brandon Wong on Unsplash

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