Dear Church:

    In our lives we're often daunted by the size or apparent complexity of the tasks at hand. But have you ever noticed that if you can motivate yourself to do just a little, that small effort produces a lot of results?
    • Just opening a savings account and putting in $20 can do a lot for your financial life
    • And did you know just making your bed in the morning is reported to have a huge residual effect on the rest of your day?!
    • Here's a gem: Kissing your spouse for 10 seconds, just once per day ....well, let me tell you!
    • Or spending 15 mins per day in focused play with your kids changes your whole parenting perspective.
    Yes, doing a little, just starting, creating movement, accomplishes more than you would think.

    This is the way church is too. This glorious, divine organism that represents the works of heaven on the earth, is in our hands to lead, direct, foster, be a part of! Lives are in the balance waiting for healing, restoration, salvation! Oh, what a privilege! 

    But oh, where to start?! What to do?! What's my part? And how???

    It's actually fantastically simple: It boils down to The Word, prayer, relationship - those vitals of Christian discipline - just lean into them a little, and great are the results.
    • Make a simple phone call to someone in our church and have a godly discussion
    • Set a timer for 15 minutes and begin to pray for Sunday. No, not just pray, but really seek the face of God for what He wants to do
    • Open your Bible to some favorite passages and spend a few quite moments there
    Friends, this "little", changes everything.

    In fact, the Bible says that when it comes to church, even hell itself cannot win out over it. Imagine that! You, taking a few minutes to read the Word, or pray, or connect with another believer puts something in motion that is more powerful than all of hell's plans!

    The key is starting. And you have an enemy that doesn't want you to lift but a finger because that dooms his best laid plans every time!

    So as a church, let's lean into doing TOGETHER those few vital actions that change everything. Pray for someone's life-changing God-encounter. Open your Bible again and ask God to show you something for someone. Make plans to attend one of our mid-week Gateways, or to get together with someone and discuss life and Jesus and Holy Spirit.

    Just this little bit, changes everything and guarantees victory!

    Loving church because I love you :-)

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime!

    • Prayer this week: Thursday, 7-8:30pm. A great place to learn prayer, talk about prayer and DO SOME PRAYER!
    • Dave and Anna's Gateway, a mid-week time of connecting, Bible study and prayer for each other is off to a great start! ....We're going through Ephesians together. Next meeting Launch: Nov. 12th - Jump in!
    • Men's Gateway: Nov. 15th - Let me know if you're interested or would like to car-pool
    Questions? Ph/Txt: 403.816.1684

    Attention Young Families: 
    Southside Victory Church has a great halloween alternative


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