In church lately we're talking about life-change. One of the secrets of accelerating this is to yield to the Spirit of God in specific areas. That is, to understand what He is working on in us and to lend Him our full cooperation. 

    Consider the "prodigal" son in the story Jesus told in Luke 15. At a point far down the road of his rebellion the son "came to his senses" and realized he need only go back to the Father for a way better life. 

    So too with us the question can be posed: how far down a "road" (of thought, intent, action, attitude, misbelief) will we go before we allow the Spirit of God to make an adjustment? What "senses" is He inviting you to come to?! Is it regarding...

    An emotional reaction you know isn't healthy?
    How close you are to your spouse? Your kids?
    Your fear in a certain area that holds you back?
    Your family entertainment practices?
    Your relationships at work? At church?
    Your morning routine? Evening routine?
    How you prioritize God in certain choices?
    Is it regarding how you handle money?
    Health / fitness choices?
    Your prayer life?

    Determine that in life you don't want to go any further than necessary down any road away from the Father. Ask Him: What "senses" could I come to in my life right now? What adjustments do you want me to make these days? What realization of your will for me is waiting for me to step into? 

    Then when His Spirit answers make your way back to the Father's house in that area ...where, surprisingly, things are far better than you thought!

    Friends, that's right, FAR BETTER. Here's the promise: Coming back to the Father in any area of our lives, hearts or thinking results in benefits far greater than what we imagined. (It's in the story Jesus told. More of that in my next post). 

    Join with me in cooperating with Holy Spirit. Get personal with Him. Let's make the story of the Prodigal Son a daily thing. 

    Loving church because I love you!

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    On Thursday, November 12, 2015, said:

    Hi Scott - it's going great thanks! Hope you're good too. Thanks for your comment on this blog :-) God's got great things for you ahead!


    On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, said:

    how it going?


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