God will always answer these prayers right away:

    1. Father, please come closer to me right now so I know you're here. Spend a minute and you'll sense Him there

    2. God, I turn away from this lie I've been believing (articulate it), and I invite you to show me your truth. Wait for it!

    3. Father, I ask you for this provision (describe the need) and I believe you're sending it to me and that it's on its way to me right now

    4. Holy Spirit, show me someone who doesn't know you that you'd like me to pray for, pray with, or talk to today

    5. God, develop your character in me in a greater way today. And (this is important) let me know when you're doing it!

    6. Lead me to place in the Bible right now where you have something for me (listen to Him for a reference, or just start reading)

    7. God let me see a miracle today - show me you at work in a way I haven't seen before

    Remember, here's the key to all prayers, these ones included. Have fun!

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