Romans 12:1-2
    makes something ultra clear: You WILL be "conformed" to something unless you're "transformed" by something greater. It's like there are only two ways to go - no neutral ground.

    Friend, there's greatness in you because God put it there, but small thinking can be subtle and it kind of grows on you over time.

    Here's how to identify thinking that's too small: 
    1. You can't receive a compliment. As in, really acknowledge and receive it, being glad it was offered. Someone sees something in you, but you refuse to see a compliment's sincerity or accuracy.
    2. You have an incongruance between what you know in your heart could be and should be about an area of your life and the life you're actually living. This is something to be solved, not tolerated!
    3. You used to have what you would call youthful idealism. But wait a minute! ...What if that was the right way to think and not something to grow out of?
    4. You often think in terms of excuses, not possibilities. You have reasons for not measuring up instead of reasons to reach higher.
    5. You compare yourself with others a lot of the time. This is a game we play to make us feel better about ourselves, but in reality it usually just works the other way. It's also a sign you need other's opinions of you to form how you think. In reality, you don't - what God thinks is really how big, successful, great you are!
    6. The success of others bothers you and makes you feel smaller. As if there was only so much pie to go around and they just got some of yours. This is not the way God thinks about what He has for you.
    7. Are your dreams big enough to hold all God wants to do? If not, why not?

    If you see some clues that point to your own small thinking in this list, it's time to get out the Word. The Bible is the way to transform your thinking - it has supernatural power to "renew" your mind to think like God thinks. Our part is to chose what He says over what we think. Let's get to work!

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