We started our church 5 years ago. Looking back, what have I learned? Here's the first of a Top Ten list.

    #1. Leadership is about God growing me

    Truly, church planting has been by far the most challenging project I've tackled to date! It's easy to think you can do something, it's easy to see what could be done, but it's an entirely different requirement to actually step out and lead. You would think we do so to see others grow, but, perhaps mostly, leadership is the crucible where God grows the leader.

    When you step out to lead the world sees you. They see what's gold in you and ...and, ultimately what's not. And you get to see that this inner journey God has you on really, really matters in an outward way. Matters because people - real-time influence on their lives, hopes and dreams and choices - is on the other side of what you do or don't do.

    One can embrace this challenge, the vulnerability, the importance, ...or choose not to. One can let the successes go to their head, or choose not to. One can let the failures and disappointments of a day or a season influence how they show up in the world, or choose not to.

    It's in those moments of choice that growth happens and rewards the leader. If you stay the course you come to find you've dug deep wells in what you know to be true of God so that you can share it with others. You discover the intense joy of God using something you do or say in the life of another. You experience the expanded perspective God gives: the world He loves, and a glimpse of your place in it. And, oh what a view!

    This I have learned.

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