5 Myths about Your Success

    Dear Gateway Victory Church:

    We've been talking about the breakthrough and favor upon us this year as individuals and as a church. We've prayed some big prayers and we're stepping out in faith.

    But hold on a second. Maybe you don't feel this way at all. Actually, if you're like a fair number of people I know 2015 doesn't appear to be off to the greatest start. Maybe you feel like the price of oil! Or perhaps you've yet to get started on some area of life you've been wanting to change.

    If you're feeling opposition this year, don't let this stop you from advancing in what you know to be doing. You might want to check this out: I wrote about the fact that someone doesn't like you very much here.

    Another factor that can cause hindrance to your goals and desires and lack of joy in the journey is what you think about what God thinks about you. On Sunday we shared some pointers around this fundamental truth:

    What you think about what He thinks about you results in how you interact with people and how you live your life.

    Read that again and catch it. It's relevant to how you're experiencing life. In fact this truth can change things for you that haven't changed in a long time. This truth can blast through hindrances and opposition like nothing else. What truth? How can I get unstuck?

    Well, in a nutshell: what you believe about God's delight in you changes everything.

    Consider these myths:
    1. You have to earn a right to success. uh uh, the Bible says this
    2. You have to find your own way in life. Not true either, the Bible says this
    3. Your success is determined by what others think about you. Nope, the Bible says this
    4. Your hopes and dreams may not be supported by God's plans for you. Kidding? Bible says this
    5. You as a believer are in the same boat as someone who doesn't know God. No way, Bible says this
    Can you find fragments (or roots?!) of your own thinking embedded in these myths?

    Friends, the glorious truth that blows these lies out of the water is that GOD LOVES YOU! You are favored and adored by Him!!! He longs to give you all things and make your life a channel for blessing for others! Our part is simply choosing to believe in His love for us as it has been demonstrated in Jesus. Changing the way we think about this changes everything.

    So in February we're going to focus here as a church. It's the month of cupids and Valentines, so lets use the constant reminder out there in our culture that there are changes in our thinking Jesus is after as He pursues us with His love.

    Want to go there?

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    Soundtrack for the Week:

    Here's another song from Love Ran Red by Chris Tomlin. We played it for our altar call this past Sunday. It's really true! Bask in it


    Coming Up:
    • TONIGHT, Feb. 4th: Gateway at Dave and Anna's - Snacks, friends, Bible discussion and ministry around Eph. 6. Wanna join in?
    • Thursday Night Prayer: Location may change this week. Txt email me if you'd like to come and I'll keep you informed. Prayer has been great this year! Church - this is how we overcome!
    • February 11th - Ladies Gateway - This is now an evening event. Interested? Email/txt or sign up on Sunday and we'll send you a personal invite :-)
    • February 21st - Church-wide Connect Event: I'm inviting the whole church to celebrate Mara's 40th birthday with me! Circle the date. Starts at 6pm. Details TBA.

    Spend Some Time:

    Jesus Loves You more than you know! This truth...
    • Wednesday: This truth......is shown to you by the work of the Holy Spirit. Rom. 8:16. Ask Holy Spirit to minister the love of Jesus to you. What does He say back when you ask Him that? Seriously, wait for a minute. What's He saying right now? Write it down.
    • Thursday: This truth......sets you free. Jn. 8:32. Think - what am I captive to that His love could free me from? How does this work for me?
    • Friday: This truth.....is limitless. 1 Jn. 4:9-10. If there's no limit you can go on discovering new vistas of it ....forever!
    • Saturday: This truth......gives you confidence before God. 1 Jn. 3:21-23. If you knew your prayers would be answered, what would you pray like?
    • Sunday: This truth......is the source of your strength to do the right thing / take the next step / OVERCOME. Rom. 8:37. Oh, and verse 31! What is He with you in today?
    • Monday: This truth......never fails. Rom. 8:38-39. What's your fear here with these things that are listed?
    • Tuesday: This truth......flows out of your life to others. Prov. 4:23. What's being felt by others from your heart? Does it know it's loved?

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