You're not without options when it comes to spiritual attack.

    In fact the Bible teaches that there's nothing that you can't get through, and nothing that you can't overcome. That's good news! So next time you realize you've opened the door to an attack, or you find yourself being opposed (perhaps because of something that you're doing right!) - here are four ways to push back and get/stay free:

    1. Recognize the enemy's work. This is the big one. Too often the enemy gets an advantage because we're hours, days or weeks into an "attack" before we realize it as such! Remember the enemy attacks you because he wants to discourage you and make you less effective - don't let him do it! Chances are it's not just another bad day, it's not just him/her being that way, it's not the job or the dog, it's not just fatigue or a bug, no, rather - you're under an attack! Much of life only makes sense when you see it through the lens of spiritual warfare. Try it out.
    2. Attacks all work by lies so use the Word of God to counter what the enemy is saying. That is, find out what the Bible says about the situation and determine to believe that instead. Like Jesus did here. Sometimes you may need to pray to God to turn away from believing a lie, and then insert the truth into your thinking and speaking. The enemy just wants you to believe what he's saying - if he can do that, and keep you there, he's won. So don't. Instead choose truth. God's truth. Truth you may not see the result of yet, but nevertheless is more true than your reality.
    3. Persist. That's right, "don't doubt in the darkness what God showed you in the light". Write out what God has said and determine to believe that He is faithful no matter what you may experience otherwise. When we face trials it's for the development of something in us sometimes far more valuable than our breakthru into a difference season. When you're in the valley don't change course from what you saw on the mountain top. Persist!
    4. Use your authority. You have jurisdiction in the spirit over your own spirit, soul and body. You have charge over your family, home, and this extends into friendships and places of work. God expects us to use this authority to clean up spiritually, put things in order and keep out unwanted guests! I'm talking spiritually! What would you do if a great big dirty pig found it's way into your home?! You'd find a way to get rid of it, right? Same spiritually. What do you need to use your authority on? What would have to leave if you really insisted?

    Bonus: find someone to pray with to deal with whatever spiritual attack you maybe fighting against. Comment below or Email us here at Gateway if you would like prayer or if you need more how-to's and info. If you're under attack you can beat it and come out on top. That's the way God wired you!

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