Dear Church:

    On Sunday we've been talking about those habits that are the Essential Nutrients we need to grow that part of us that matters most. You know, the routines of Prayer, The Word and Relationships that feed us spiritually. Last Sunday was on The Why of it all (...Summary: it connects us to our purpose and gives us the wisdom on what to do next in life - Mark 1:35-39!)

    It's been great, but because how it applies to each life is such a personal thing, how do we know if we're on the right track? How do I know if my inner world with God is receiving the Essential Nutrients it needs? Am I praying, reading the Bible, and doing church ...enough? The right way? ...Am I missing something?

    Here are three tell-tale signs you're on the right track:

    1. You have an increasing sense of how how pleasing you are to God and how great life is when lived knowing Him.  This is your righteousness.
    2. You are increasingly aware that when it comes to the difficult or the mundane "everything's going to be okay" because of what He's doing in your life. This is your peace.
    3. You notice an increasing deposit of gladness in your heart, and a building excitement for the future. This is your joy

    The pivotal verse from which these signs are derived is here.

    Notice the word "increasing" in each of the signs above. What God does in our private worlds advances over time. It grows from the inside of our hearts, small and almost miss-able at first, and then as our connection with God matures they become the defining features of our spiritual landscape. This is the primary work of the Holy Spirit in us.

    Friends, the Bible teaches that far more than the rules and regulations of Christianity, it's these signs that indicate true spiritual development is taking place. It's because of this internal work that right living ensues. And it's because of these qualities you and I get to be the envy of the world!

    Sometimes we get this so backwards, don't we?! Let's look for and lean into the signs of true spiritual life. Can you sense those indicators in your own heart today? Do they surprise you? What changes in living do they inspire you to make? 

    These indicators are yours in abundance if you'll feed the part of you that matters most. More how-to's on that this Sunday coming up - Can't wait!

    Loving you because I love church,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime

    PS. If you're new to our church in the last 4-6 months, there's an event tailor-made for you this Friday. We're going to hangout together and hear some stories around the room. You've likely already received an invite. Please reply email for more details or to RSVP if you haven't yet. Thanks!

    PPS. This Mother's Day we'll be celebrating by holding some Baby Dedications! If you would like your child dedicated this May 8th during our church service, please reply email to let us know. BTW - this service is a great way to treat a mother in your life out: Invite to church and take her out or home for dinner afterwards!

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