Dear Church - Hope you're having a great week. It's time for some family vision talk! Here goes:

    Gateway Victory's vision is to create a church together for life-changing God-encounters. And we're doing it!!! Thanks to all who help make this happen!

    As you've likely heard us talk about in church, this quarter (April - June) we (Mara and I, our Leadership Team and Prayer Team) has been praying and building strategy around the idea of "Increasing Capacity". Our sense from God is that He wants to grow us as individuals, families and businesses.

    This is so exciting because we can see His handiwork in our lives to this end already.

    • More than a few new families have been trying out (and liking!) our church. Welcome to those of you newer to our family! Please let us know anything you need, or any comments / questions you may have around getting to know us better.
    • Our first quarter as a church was really strong financially. This is also a sign of God's blessing on us as individuals / businesses and families. Many of you are experiencing new jobs, contracts, businesses and supernatural income! Also, it's a testimony to the faithfulness of all of who prioritize and regularly give to our church. Thank you!
    • The atmosphere in our services has been heavenly! I mean that as in "fantastic" but also as in literally "divine!" God comes where He's wanted and believed in, and I see His Presence with us in our worship, preaching, conversations as a huge sign we're in a great place. His smile, as always, is upon us - can't you feel it?!

    That said - where do we go from here? Following are 3 questions each of us can apply to our lives right now as we work together to "Increase Capacity". We feel that this year we are to take significant strides in the following:

    • Filling up our current facility and seeing where next God wants us to go in our target area (South end of the city / Macleod Trail side). Although nothing concrete has been arranged with this, and although we don't currently know the timing of such a move, as we look and pray each of us can ask God, "How can I best give and pray (please pray!) towards this next step?" Feel free to designate giving towards this on your offering envelope on Sundays, or send an e-transfer with a note showing the designation.
    • Increase our staffing and serving capacity. Among other things, this means each of us asking "How can I best use my talents and resources in this church?" Ask one of us about options you're interested in, email me for more info, or see our Teams Brochure on our info table for next steps.
    • Getting really really great at inviting people in and adding them to our church family! This is where we can each ask, "Who's next?" Make a mini-list of who comes to mind for you to invite to church, and put a plan in place. Each of us can work to invite new people in and increase in our relationship spheres with current people in our church. Learn people's names, ask a newer person out for coffee, or get your families together for a meal. 

    If each of us can ask these questions and step out in our application of the answers we sense from God, our capacity will surely be increased as a church. Friends, we can do this! Let's each of us do what it takes to internalize this mandate of "Increasing Capacity." Let's put our hearts and hands together towards facilitating even more life-changing God-encounters!

    Comments / questions / visions and dreams / prophetic sensings / Words of Knowledge, etc? ....Please email them to me or give us a call.

    Loving church because I love you! See you Sunday,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime

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