Dear Gateway Victory:

    Thanks all for the email responses, blog comments and FB interactions lately - keep them coming! For those of you new on Sundays, thanks for being a part things and we hope you feel welcome! Feel free at any time to drop us a line. 

    This series we're into right now on the Holy Spirit, really has me hungry for more of God! More of Him in our services, our meetings throughout the week, and more of Him in me personally. 

    In fact, as those aiming to increasingly live in God's dream for us on the earth, we can't ever assume we have reached a ceiling with God. Rather, thirst with me for the more that God has for you. Here's what we mean by that:

    Church, you experiencing this "more" is my and Mara's prayer for you. Everyday.

    ...The Bible continually co-relates our experience with God to be like that of lovers. You can be in a love relationship and let it grow cold over time, or you can press in towards incredible intimacy and a joy that defines the rest of your living!  As in a love-relationship, with God and us, it starts with our "want to."

    Friends, lets position our hearts before God and say we want to. That we want more of His Spirit. That we're ready to receive all He has in this new season. 

    Then day after day lets stay in that posture before Him. I'm convinced that it's here we will experience life-changing God-encounters beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. He's a great God!

    Remember, this is for you!

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