Documenting Life-Changing God-Encounters

    Welcome to the page where we tell our stories of how experiencing God has changed our lives.  If you have a story to tell, let us know and join in as we tell a great tale together!

    We also hope you find this curation encouraging and inspiring! God loves you and He wants to show you more and more of His Goodness too.

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    *Disclaimer - while the stories are true, some names may have been changed to protect privacy.

    "When I started coming to Gateway a couple years ago I never thought I would be involved like I am today.  I just thought I would go on Sunday mornings and maybe go to the odd event and that would be it.  I have been involved at church to a minor extent before but, not like Gateway. I never thought I would be hosting Bible studies. I definitely didn't see helping out on a couple Sunday mornings with the kitchen, greeting, handing out stuff or helping with Communion. It has been a huge step but rewarding as well.  I know that getting to know Rowan and Mara has been such a huge blessing to me.  Two very special people.  I know that my relationship with God is growing since coming to Gateway.  I find myself starting to say, speak, and think differently.  Trusting God more.  This continues to be a journey."


    "In a nutshell, God very much ordered my steps to Gateway Victory Church, having recently moved from Ontario. I am a passionate and ardent believer of being positioned in the right place. I asked the Lord to lead me to a church full of grace and His presence.

    In search of a church, we stumbled across a Gateway sign post. I decided to follow its leading, hoping to find a cathedral so to speak, but His grace led me to a very small and humble gathering, yet with the ultimate manifest presence. I was totally convinced this was the place of worship for me once I set my feet in it! I just knew. It was a resounding moment for me, looking around and perceiving the Spirit of the Lord agreeing with me: "This is your church!"

    Then I experienced an enlivening encounter with Him. I had a life-changing touch like NEVER before as I got prayed for. I remember laughing uncontrollably in the Spirit, and His grace fell upon me. I can say it was so profound and amazing, yet too deep to comprehend. Then I knew, I have just had a life-changing God-encounter! Amazing to this day that this experience reoccurs whenever I'm deep in His presence.

    For this experience, I'm forever grateful to God because I knew a divine shift occurred in me and transcended into my family. I choose to walk by faith for He is forever faithful!"

    - Shirley

    "I came to Gateway for the first Sunday service April 8, 2012, with a broken and lonely heart. Now fiver years later, through experiencing God's presence here, combined with a warm, welcoming, and loving church family, it has brought me to where I am now: my heart restored, loneliness swallowed up in love from God and these people, and I know who I am in Christ. My self-esteem and worth are both high now. This is what it means to be a part of the GVC family!"

    - Kerri

    "It has continually surprise me how my involvement with what God is doing here at this church has had a direct and positive impact on my work. In fact it's had a dramatic impact across the board. God gets involved with your life - in all areas - when you come to a place like this!"

    - Anonymous

    "Before coming to GVC my life felt empty and without purpose. Here I have found God's presence dwelling in each of us, I have found love and compassion. I am very humbled and grateful to be a member of Gateway Victory church and to have the opportunity to serve and help to grow our church family."

    - Eva 

    "During one of the Sunday services in July 2016, I stood in line for prayers on behalf of one of my friends that needed a job. Pastor Rowan prayed and God answered because a couple of months later my friend got a job offer in Regina."

    - T.O.

    "Prior to moving to Canada, we prayed and trusted God for a church in our new home. A place where we would serve God, experience His love and connect with His body - God strategically led us to GVC where all our anticipated needs were met."

    - Anonymous

    "For most of my life, I've been embarrassed to sing anywhere else except the privacy of my car or shower.  It was something I love doing, but up until a few years ago, you couldn't get me to do it in front of people, and only in the context of of subtle background vocals. I wanted to lead worship, but trying to reconcile that desire with the fear of singing was difficult. As we planted GVC back in 2011/2012, I found myself in this awkward state of wanting to step up and lead people in song, somehow without singing myself. I have a fairly strong, lower speaking voice, but for a long time I never could bring myself to sing in that same register (where I was strongest), and settled for what I thought sounded "prettier", but not nearly as strong or controlled.

    At the recommendation of my mother, I visited a vocal instructor about whom she raved. One of the first things this teacher said to me was "I've never heard someone sound bad when they're singing properly." And for about 10 weeks I worked with her, and she helped build my confidence and expand my range. As much as those lessons helped, I couldn't seem to break this sort of mental wall. 

    One day, I was driving in my car down Deerfoot, when a song on my playlist came on ("When the Saints" by Sarah Groves - it's still one of my favourites). It was a lower range, and I began to sing along to it.  The more I sang, the more I became comfortable with that part of my voice that I once thought sounded awful. For the first time, I came to believe that I could actually do this - this singing thing. 

    Through practice and feedback, Mara worked with me into becoming more comfortable with my unique sound, until I was singing and leading Sunday worship with confidence and enthusiasm.  Looking back at this part of my journey, I am completely convinced that God guided me through it, giving me the courage to step out where I otherwise wouldn't. He used GVC as a safe place to learn and grow - any other church I'm pretty sure I would have been too intimidated.

    This is just one example of life change we can experience here at Gateway. People will have overwhelming, fall-on-your-face moments before God, and in others, God meets us in our circumstances and guides us to new levels of confidence, power, and spiritual maturity!"

    - Jackie

    "We came as we were: not very proud of ourselves, tired of lack of purpose, hungry for God's love, and for something new and lasting. Right away we felt like we belonged. Our daughter Sarah was welcomed by a new friend - Julena. They both interacted as if they had known each other for years! Later we found out that Julena had a sister our daughter's age - Zoe. What could be better?

    After we started to come to Gateway, we usually skipped the worship part of church. But not for long. Dave felt there was a need for help with the set up at the beginning of church. After a while we (Sarah and I) joined him. We got up earlier with him. I wasn't going to be late anymore for worship time. I got to see what happens before church starts and find out more about others. And they remembered our names!

    A lot has changed since we joined the small groups and now we know more people and we don't feel lonely anymore. Better yet, we hosted one small group in our own home. Our lives are filled with purpose. Every Sunday is something new, and we get fueled up for the week ahead of us. God is doing something wonderful in our lives. Now I can't even imagine our lives without this wonderful church and its people.

    This is the right place to be where people can support each other, find new gifts within themselves, and discover how much they have to offer!"

    - Dave, Ania, & Sarah