Welcome to Gateway Youth!

    We meet on the third Friday of each month at 7:00 pm. Here you can find out information on upcoming youth nights, what you can expect, and how to get involved in future planning! This page is currently in its developing stages, so check back often!

    7 Habits...

    Over the course of the year, the "meat" of our events will be focused on a book called "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens," and how we can use it to improve our lives - spiritually, physically, and relationally. You can purchase it on Amazon, or order it from your local book store if you want to follow along with it.

    Luke 6:47-49: "Let me describe the one who truly follows me and does what I say. He is like a man who chooses the right place to build a house and then lays a deep and secure foundation. When the storms and floods rage against that house, it continues to stand strong and unshaken through the tempest, for it has been wisely built on the right foundation. But the one who has heard my teaching and does not obey it is like a man who builds a house without laying any foundation whatsoever. When the storms and floods rage against that house, it will immediately collapse and become a total loss. Which of these two builders will you be?"

    Events Schedule

    November 16 - Games Night!

    Get ready to compete and connect with new and old friends over some familiar and not-so-familiar board games! We'll also be having a thoughtful discussion around God and Jesus (a sneak peek at what we'll be covering is below). Email us at hello@gatewayvictory.com for location details or if you need a ride. 

    December 14 - Christmas Party
    January 18 - Escape Room