Our Vision

    Creating a church together for life-changing God-encounters

    Your life-change is our passion. It's the focal point of our vision statement and the heartbeat of what we do. We've concluded this: if it's true that we have a Creator who is all-loving towards us, One who personally invites us to live our lives in relationship with Him - then that should mean some pretty big, ongoing changes for people who walk with Him.  What is the acid test for a walk with God, or a church activity being worth it? How do we know it's real? 
    A changed life.
    Life-change by God means intially that guilt, fear and unfulfillment in your life are gone. The nagging feeling of incompleteness, that something is not right in your life, is completely dealt with. It means that a joy you can't explain begins to characterize the way you feel everyday. That's worth a lot! Then as we walk with God we find that our hopes and dreams begin to come to pass like never before. It means that broken or strained relationships are restored, that stress is replaced by contentment. It means that you and I become increasingly passionate about the purpose of our lives as God reveals it to us, and we become empowered for the roles in our life like never before. 
    What drives all this life-change is God's love. And by that, we mean His intense love and personal love for YOU. It's pretty incredible that the basis of us knowing Him and walking with Him in life is not our own understanding or ability, but rather His goodness towards us. It's even more incredible that by just opening up our hearts towards Him, we get to encounter His love for us day by day. Not just know about it in a general sense, but intimately and personally experience His love - and in a way that increases over time. Those encounters in our life change everything. And it happens over and over.
    So our vision is to create a church together that invites, encourages and supports people like you and I into this kind of life-changing God-encounter. Imagine a thriving group of friends, family, teams and leaders whose lives have been authentically changed by God, all working together to see that happen again and again, more and more, to people like you and me. Imagine yourself in that church. What would that look like?
    Your life-change is our passion.